Superbowl Sunday

Today was America's unofficial holiday and a pretty good ending note to my weekend. The crew went over to Chris' house for some food and a good atmosphere, and I showed them a little fancy gadget called ustream. Although we barely got any viewers it was still a good time lol and probably something that we will continue to do on the regular like rappers and athletes do on twitter. Bad thing is my account has been banned cause we were "filming the superbowl" haha, I totally didn't think about that at the time but oh well I'll think about creating a new one or something though. As for the game itself I wasn't rooting for anyone and didn't mind who won the game, I had a pre game prediction of the colts winning 27-23 which actually could have happened if things played out a little different haha. I'm not as happy as I thought I would be that the saints are superbowl winners, I actually feel pretty bad for Peyton. What astonished me the most that it was Manning's mistake that cost Indy the game .. You don't see that too often. All in all a great night and weekend though, unfortunately a tough week ahead follows it up. I will deal with it day by day as it comes though, for now I will be looking into my ustream account problems lol and get in some good NBA live time before calling it a night. Goodnight world