May 21st.

May 21st
For two people it became the best and the worst

 So much to tell, who knows where to start
Story of a troubled girl and a boy with a broken heart

 What was first two close friends that soon became lovers
Later became two people who were crazy about eachother

Girl suddenly changed, you can see it in her demeanor
Boy was still happy, thought the grass couldn't be greener

 Bad things start to commence
A series of unfortunate events
A couple once in love are now speaking in past tense

 She still loves him, but won't let it show
He still loves her, but won't let it go

He left flowers on her porch, he had nothing to lose
She thought the gesture was sweet until she got the bad news

 An accident that took place, which her best friend was involved
She got the word he passed, the poor girl starts to ball

 She loses all control, her life is upside down
The only person she can call is no longer around

She looks at the flowers, remembers the boy's present
Stares a little closer, remember's the boy's presence

Day becomes night, her tears continue to fall
Boy is with his friends but just waiting for the call

 He knows that she will, he knows there's still love
Then comes her text message, I think I need a hug

 The girl needs assistance
The boy is there in an instance
Their eyes locked together like it was the first time in existence

 A girl who lost a friend, A boy who lost his home
Two people running back together cause they couldn't be alone

 Boy & Girl were at last, back together
May 21st a memory they will always share forever

 As time passed, the boy & girl would soon end
But for that one moment they were together again

 The two are strangers now, but the memories are still clear
And May 21st, will always come once a year