Becoming An NFL Draft Expert Is Surprisingly Easy via David Breitman

Are you aware that one in every six Americans is an NFL Draft expert? True story. There are currently 4,200 web sites with an on-staff expert ready to make predictions about tonight’s draft.

But how does one become an “expert.” Good question. After asking the homeless man draft expert in our parking lot (who has a sign that reads “will write mock draft for food”), I’ve come up with some full-proof ways.

Just Start Calling Yourself One – This is how Mel Kiper Jr. got his start. Business cards, email signatures and anything else with your job title should read “NFL Draft Expert.”

Refuse to talk about Anything Except the NFL Draft – Work functions, funerals, conference calls, it doesn’t matter. If all you do is discuss the potential of teenage athletes, people will assume you’re an expert.

Show up to High School Football Games with a Clipboard – Everyone will assume you’re somebody important. Perhaps a coach, or NFL Draft expert.

Marry the Daughter of a Wealthy NFL Draft Expert – Then you can take over his business when “Pops” dies in a suspicious boating accident.