AZ Recap

Arizona is dope

It's only been just two days but I love Scottsdale. Colorado is and has been my only home, but a change of scenery is always nice (and in this case it is VERY nice!)

Maybe it's the palm trees, maybe it's the adobe houses, or maybe cause the grass even at a McDonald's here is greener than a golf course in Westminster. Whatever it may be, Scottsdale is a very beautiful place.

After visiting you will realize that's the understatement of the week, but then again I don't get out much. AZ takes a bad rap cause of the heat but when it's a cool 75 degrees out I'd recommend it to anyone. They've got attractions for days and because the way the architecture is some shopping centers have me thinking I'm in Bedrock. Plus seeing cacti to replace garden brush infatuate the hell out of me

Besides scenery, I finally watched what I came to see.. Spring Training Baseball

Salt Rivers Field is even better than the brochures, the complex is terrific and the team looks promising (<-keyword)

I spent all morning watching the guys take BP, and it felt great to take it all in. The game itself was also something to savor, Cleveland Indians or not it was just great to attend and watch a baseball game again. Rockies got a 3-1 win with some surprisingly good highlights.

All in all my Spring Training trip has been fantastic, and in less than 24 hours I will be back at Talking Sticks to watch the Dodgers get theirs.