Giants' Tim Lincecum objects to 'juiced' baseball against Rockies (via David Brown)

Tim Lincecum made it clear he thought the Colorado Rockies were trying to pull a fast one Friday night.

With Miguel Olivo batting in the sixth inning of a scoreless tie, the San Francisco Giants ace looked down at a baseball he was trying to rub up, lightly frowned and got the umpire's attention.

"New ball," Lincecum can be seen saying. As umpire Laz Diaz reached for a replacement, Timmy said something else to himself (which I believe was):

"[Bleep] this juiced balls bull[loney]."

You have to get up pret-ty early to fool Timmy.

Anyway, the next ball was more to Lincecum's linking, or at least it was not as objectionable, and he used it to strike Olivo out. Though the Rockies scored in the inning, the Giants won 2-1 and stayed in first place.

Overall, it was perhaps Timmy's finest hour this season.

But what about that Olivo baseball? Well, reporters at Coors Field apparently didn't have a chance to address the issue, but it undoubtedly goes back to what Giants broadcaster Jon Miller accused the Rockies of doing earlier in the season