2010 NFL Predictions

Pro football is finally back and after months of waiting for it you get somewhat of an idea how the season will go. Just before the season opener starts in a few hours, I will give you my predictions that I will probably not agree with by week 6. First I will break down my division winners.

AFC East: New England Patriots Although I was infatuated with Hard Knocks this year, and the fact that the Jets may have had the best off season in the NFL I still am picking New England to win the division. Why you say? Because for the past decade the Patriots have either won the division or tied for the best record in it, so until someone takes it from them I can't go against Bill's team. I also feel like the Jets can't have a 12 or 13 game winning season by just having a good ground game, this has turned into a Quarterback league and I'd put Brady over Sanchez in virtually every passing category.

AFC North: Baltimore Ravens In most cases it would be hard to go against the Steelers but even without big Ben's suspension I would still say Baltimore. The Ravens have always been near the top of the division because of a good run game and a stellar defense, but even with Joe Flacco their pass attack has been mediocre. This reason is because the lack of skill in the receiving core, now with the additions of Anquan Boldin and TJ Houshmanzadah, that might just be enough to put them to the top. Pittsburgh has had a rough off season distraction wise which is a rare thing to see and I don't know if Mike Tomlin can overcome all of it throughout the year.

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts It will be a competitive year for the AFC South which really doesn't happen too often. I think you will see two or three teams out of this division fighting for a wild card spot, but I don't see Indy, who still has a guy named Peyton Manning, being one of those teams.

AFC West: San Diego Chargers This division is up for grabs for me. Every team has a lot of promise, but there isn't a standout team that impresses me a whole lot. Denver has a lot of injuries (and the worst luck I've ever seen a pro team had) which causes concern. Oakland will give a lot teams a run for their money but at the end of the day they're still the Raiders. And I don't see Kansas City doing anything spectacular this year, Todd Haley is still unproven as an NFL Head Coach. The Chargers may have lost LT but they gained a talented back named Ryan Matthews who many believe will be Rookie of the Year, and let's face it Phillip Rivers is the best quarterback in the division. I don't know if they'll win a lot of games but it will be enough to be AFC West champions.

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys Although nobody hates the Cowboys more than I do in this world they are a good regular season team. They are the (Old) Cleveland Cavaliers of football. This division will be one of the best and the wild card spot (if not both) will go to one of these teams. The Eagles will be a force to reckon with but they're will be tribulations as there is every year with a new starting QB. The Giants on paper seem to have a strong foundation as they are getting a lot of key players back this year. As for the Redskins they are now coached by Mike Shanahan instead of Jim Zorn, that gives you an idea on how improved their team will be.

NFC North: Green Bay Packers A lot of people forget last year that Green Bay lost in an OT playoff game to the high powered (Kurt Warner led) Cardinals. They have arguably the best offense in football this year. The Vikings do have one of the best o-lines and the best running back in the game but does anyone really believe Brett Favre can repeat what he did last year? Even without Sidney Rice for the half year? I'm not buying it.

NFC South: New Orleans Saints The defending Super Bowl champs still have Drew Brees as their Quarterback and Sean Payton as their Head Coach. I don't think the Atlanta Falcons are that dominant to change anything.

NFC West: San Francisco 49ers Seahawks have the best chance of coming close to them, the Cardinals don't have a QB, and the only question the Rams have is will they be the first or second pick in next year's draft.

AFC Wild Card: New York Jets, Houston Texans

NFC Wild Card: Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears

Super Bowl: New Orleans Saints over New York Jets

MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Underrated Player: Kevin Kolb

Underrated Team: Tennessee Tians

Overrated Player: Ben Roethlisberger

Overrated Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Stories Tired of Hearing About: Albert Haynesworth, T.O. and Ochocinco

Stories Haven't Heard Enough About: Rule Changes, Possible Lockout Next Year

Offensive Rookie of the Year: C.J. Spiller

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Eric Berry

Offensive Player of the Year: Tom Brady

Defensive Player of the Year: Patrick Willis

Comeback Player of the Year: LaDainian Tomlinson