Khleo - JUICY

Normally on my site I rarely speak because most posts are for archive purposes, I am not a "Blogger". But I will say that Khleo plays a huge role on this site because of how often he keeps his fans up to date with new music and videos, and since I co-sign everything he comes out with it ends up on my site. This his newest song "JUICY" and this could be his best song to date, but you would have to ask somebody else that because I find "Lost" and "I Got Me" or "I'm Still" to all be the best in their own ways. Khleo is really becoming the only artist I listen to now a days, not just because of his music but because of the person he is. I know the character behind the voice and that makes the music better for me. The funny, Jada/Leggings/Monster loving, "Miss me with that bro shit", ENTERTAINING, Khleo Thomas. It is safe to say that he is my favorite artist and that I can relate to him through not only his music but his personality as well. I've supported him for A LONG time now! and will always continue to do so for as long as he keeps on doing what he's doing.