Submitted "Undeniable" to ESPN

As you may or may not know the NFL draft, which is aired every year on ESPN, is coming up this month. Every year they choose an "official theme song" for the event. Most of the time the songs share a common trait of being motivation/inspirational. The songs are also usually by not well known but upcoming artists or bands who have a lot of buzz. I thought to myself when listening to Undeniable by XV that this song would be perfect for this event as well as XV would be perfect for this event, and I'm always up for doing things to help my favorite artists career. With the NFL draft being such a widely seen event and being on primetime telivision this year I really went in depth of how I could send in a suggestion to the company. Fortunately I did recieve an email this morning telling me where I could send in music submissions to ESPN, so sure enough I sent in my letter along with the song. I am hoping that since my email got taken seriously that my letter will as well. You never know what can happen if you don't try, and who knows maybe XV will get an email from the company about some kind of opportunity. But if you do hear this song anytime in the near future on the channel .. you know who's idea it was! haha