Evaluating Eagles 2010 Schedule

Green Bay - An exciting home opener against a very good and similar opponent. Years past the Eagles always play sub-par teams the first week of the season, which in some cases are good because it is a better chance of a 1-0 start. But playing a quality team the first week is like I said not only exciting, but it gives you a better look at how your team is.

@ Detroit - Back to back games against NFC North teams, but what can I say .. It's Detroit. Can't mark it as an automatic win but you just pray that they don't drop this game.

@ Jacksonville - The first inter-conference game of the year which should be a good game, I believe the Jaguars are a lot better than people give them credit for but don't mistake it this is a tough game to win.

Washington - Oh boy!! Fresh into October and we already have Dononvan McNabb returning to the city of Philadelphia. In all honesty I feel like this could be the toughest game to win for the Eagles, but this game will be just as hyped up as Brett Favre's return to Green Bay last year. It clearly speaks for itself.

@ San Francisco - First trip to the west coast to take on the NFC West favorites, the 49ers. I'm expecting to see a shootout in this game, Both Kevin Kolb and Alex Smith are good, under-rated quarterbacks who have got weapons to work with. Plus DeSean always feels like he needs to show out in a big way when going back home.

Atlanta - Third year in a row playing Atlanta, this team did not live up to expectations the past year so it will be interesting what kind of team to expect from them in 2010.

@ Tennessee - One of the toughest games on the schedule for sure, also because it is one week away from bye week I assume Philly will play a lethargic game.

Bye Week - Having a bye week week 8 is the best because it is right in the heart of the season, you never like to have it too early or too late.

Indianapolis - Easily probably the best opponent on the schedule but being at home and coming off a bye I am pretty confident about taking this game.

@ Washington - The second dose of Eagles vs McNabb which should be just as good if not better because this is a Monday Night Football game.

New York Giants - Always a great game when you play a divisional rival and the Eagles/Giants rivalry is one of the best in football. It is suppose to be on Sunday Night Football which we'll make that much better but is subject to change unfortunately.

@ Chicago - Another game that seems to be on the schedule every year. I would usually not worry to much about this game but Chicago looks A LOT better after the offseason they had.

Houston - I am definitely looking forward to this game! I'm a Texans fan and love their team (nowhere close to my love for Philly) but on top of that it is on Thursday Night Football

@ Dallas - Can't believe we have to wait this long to play Dallas but it's on .. I HATE DALLAS .. plain and simple. So when we play the Cowboys . . . Enough is said.

@ NY Giants - Second time in a month we play the Giants and this could be the most important game of the year since it is right in the middle of the playoff stretch.

Minnesota - Tough opponent to have this late in the season, could be a loss . .

Dallas - Best game on the schedule, weather we make the playoffs or not we get to end the year with a game against Dallas at home . . Nothing sweeter than that.