Why Donovan McNabb should be traded

The title of this post sounds crazy to a lot of people and it may be a huge surprise considering I am one of the biggest Eagles fans you'll meet. Donovan McNabb has given Philadelphia fans many cheers and many woes, he sure hasn't made it easy to be an eagles fan over the past 14 years though that's for certain. Typically I have always been a pro-McNabb kind of guy, it seems year after year his future with the team gets questioned and I always say why? He shouldn't go anywhere he's fine where he's at. Watching the past season though my thoughts on him as a player changed. I noticed that broadcasters and analysts are always giving him dues and praise which I do believe he deserves because he is a great quarterback and has been for a long time. But if you study eagles games such as myself you would notice that a lot of the misques and mistakes of the team that result to losing is on McNabb. Donovan has a lot of tendecies on the field that drive me nuts that I don't see ever getting changed. For instance, "it takes him a quarter to get in rhythm." Football is a four quarter game that requires all four quarters of full rhythm to beat your oppenent. He has a huge arm, always has been able to hit the deep ball, but what is his completion percentage on five yard outs? Donovan throws under (at the feet) of his recievers more than anyone I've seen . . (well, besides JaMarcus Russell). Another tendency, no sense of urgency. This one has been an on going thing for years and I blame Reid and the coaching staff for this too. The Philadelphia Eagles have the worst clock management skills in the NFL, I have seen a countless number of games where timeouts are not called, no-huddles aren't being runned, and turnovers late in games are made but McNabb leaves the field smiling. I understand that McNabb has a lot of fun while playing and doesn't get stressed easy, and I like that, but sometimes he does it to a fault. For years now all of these factors have been apart of McNabb's game and I have yet to see any attempt to correct them. An avid Eagles fan like myself are classic over reactors and I understand that can't go without saying, but my main point is I don't see this team ever getting the monkey off their back with number 5 behind center. He can get us there, he's proved that more than once and been one of the NFL's all-time winningest quarterbacks. Donovan is on the down side of 30 though and in my opinion the chances of returning to the big game with him as quarterback slim year by year instead of improving. This eagles team is very young, and I love that. Jackson, McCoy, Maclin and Celek are the stars on offense and none of them are over 25. Recently you've seen guys like Dawkins and Westbrook get the boot, maybe the loyalty for McNabb shouldn't be so strong. I am not saying that Donovan should be moved because he lost his skill, he is still talented as ever in my opinion. I just believe that the Eagles are getting to be too predictable, from the playbook to the philosphy, and sometimes change in the organization is the best answer. The team has already shown that they are ready to be out with the old and in with the new, so complete the last piece and cut ties with McNabb. Kolb has shown that he is ready to start in the NFL, will he be great? doubt it but he will be decent. It will take Kolb a couple of years before he becomes legit, and that is if he starts now or in the future. So why waste those years? If he sits behind McNabb he won't even start for a few years which will make guys like DeSean and Celek already 27 or 28 by time he is ready. But if you start him now you could be looking at a superbowl contender team very soon which will still be one of the youngest in the league. For the sake of the team that I love I wish a McNabb deal will get made before the 2010 season, but that is strictly for what's good for the Eagles. As I person I LOVE Donovan, he has given Philadelphia fans a lot of great memories and he is soley a reason why I even became an Eagles fan in the first place. So this post was not a knock to McNabb in anyway. I just believe that success is in this team with or without McNabb, but I can't see a superbowl in near future with him leading the squad.