Nuggets need to make the move for a big man before trade deadline

As the NBA trade deadline approachs talks about Amare Stoudemire, Tracy McGrady and Antwan Jamison heat up. These are the top rumors around the league and outside of the Dallas deal and Camby to the blazers trade rumors haven't been brought up much. I am not going to talk about those deals and I am going to stick with in my own orginazation and what they should do before thursday's deadline. As the top teams makes moves to solitify them as championship contenders the Denver Nuggets can't afford to sit on their hands. The NBA after all-star weekend always turns into a chess match between GM's, and in recent years Denver has never made any big deals in that week. This year in order to make their presence felt I believe they should. The team itself is molded together very well so I wouldn't want to see any big changes, nothing that will have a severe affect on the rotation. But the thing that the Nuggets need most is a post player, a big man. As the season goes along and we see K-Mart or Nene go down we can't trust Malik Allen or Johan Petro to step up in that role, and for as much energy as Chris Andersen brings he is nowhere near the level he was last year and we all know he can't score like Kenyon or Nene. The deal that I will be looking for is something like Anthony Carter/Malik Allen/draft pick or cash for either Tyrus Thomas or Ben Wallace. These are two men who is not gonna start in our system or get major playing time in the rotation, but you can trust them to put them on floor. Also deep in the season going down the stretch it couldn't hurt to get Kenyon and Nene off their feet, decrease their minutes so they will be fresh and ready to go in the playoffs. I believe that this is the necessary move to make this week before the NBA deadline. The Nuggets haven't made that big move for the playoff push, this is the year they need to in order to stay in this chess match of a league.