Lil Wayne starts one year prison term

As most people know but some may don't today was the day that artist Lil Wayne checked into Rikers Island to start his one year prison term. I've always like Lil Wayne, even as a kid Tha Carter was my favorite album and I liked it because nobody else knew it. But today Lil Wayne is if not the most one of the world's most popular artists. Funny thing is I myself have nearly 200 songs by him but have never considered him my favorite rapper, probably because he is commonly known as everybody's favorite rapper. I never really took the whole going to jail thing to heart because I just thought as long as Young Money's around nothing will change. Last night though courtesy of Lil Twist's Ustream account Wayne made his final appearance before going in. Watching him was one of the first times I've ever really seen his true side, I mean yeah I see him on TV all the time but this was different. First of all he is a really nice guy lol, he didn't act thug or hard or anything it was just his true side. Secondly, he is also an extremely funny guy, I thought he would be depressed or something but he was laughing and staying positive the entire time. The camera then showed him get into his car, say his goodbyes, and then drive off. It got very emotional, everybody was crying and the ustream broadcast ended with Lil Twist tear up and shut off his laptop. It was then that it hit me too that he's gone for an entire year ... No music videos, no concerts, no any public appearances what so ever for an entire year. People were saying things such as "he's going to jail he's not dying" .. That may be true, but the atmosphere and feeling was basically the same as death. Although he is gone I still believe it won't feel like it because I'm sure Wayne has made an entire year's worth of music just in the past two months. So throughout the year you will see various mixtapes still and still hear many leaked songs. Not to mention all of the music he will come out with when he is released from prison. So in honor of Lil Wayne no other song will get play on my ipod or desktop until wednesday unless it is from Weezy himself .. So good luck Lil Wayne and we'll see you in 2011.